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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 9 > No. 1


An Improved Algorithm for Product Conceptual Design based on Quality Function Deployment

PP: 289-297
Wei Xiong, Yubing Yu, Juanli Wang,
Conceptual design is the key to product innovation and it will decide the success or failure of the products. Quality function deployment (QFD) provides an open framework and systematic analytical method for product design and Kano model contributes to make different highlight of marketing, so the combination of the two can optimize product design and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty. The author develops an improved algorithm for product conceptual design which is based on the framework of QFD and integrated rough analytic hierarchy process (RAHP) and Kano, through the expansion of typical house of quality. The simulation application in conceptual design of steering wheel illustrates that it can transfer the requirements and importance of customers into technical characteristics and importance of products. This will provide the basis of decision-making for enterprise on final product design and innovation.

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