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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 4 > No. 1


Principal Component Analysis with Weighted Sparsity Constraint

PP: 79-91
Thanh D. X. Duong, Vu N. Duong,
Given a covariance matrix, principal component analysis (PCA) with sparsity constraint considers the problem of maximizing the variance explained by a particular linear combination of the input variables while constraining the number of nonzero coefficients in this combination. However, when loading an input variable is associated with an individual cost, we need to incorporate weights, which represent the loading cost of input variables, into sparsity constraint. And in this paper, we present a version of PCA with weighted sparsity constraint. This problem is reduced to solving some semidefinite programming ones via convex relaxation technique. Two applications of the PCA with weighted sparsity constraint to refine the sparsity constraint of sparse PCA illustrate its efficiency and reliability in practice.

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