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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 8 > No. 1L


Implementation of Certified list for Botnet Detection

PP: 7-14
Aneel Rahim, Khizar Hayat, Tai-hoon Kim,
Bots are compromised computers and combine together form a network called Botnet. Bots perform the task whatever their master ordered them. Communication between Bots and their master is done through different ways but most common way is Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Using IRC bots communicate with their master, master also sends commands to bots with IRC. Encryption is also done to secure communication between master and bots. Bots perform malicious activities. Different mechanism exists to detect the botnet. One detection method is also IP Blacklist but it also has some problems. If the IP spoofing is used by the attacker then some legitimate users become the part of IP blacklist. In this paper we have developed a certified list. This certified list is used to eliminate legitimate users from IP Blacklist to solve its deficiency. We implemented the proposed model in Java and experimental results are showing the effectiveness, correctness, reliability and usability of the proposed model. We calculated qualities of blacklists in term of responsiveness, completeness and percentage of completeness of IP blacklist.

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