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International Journal of Learning Management Systems
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 2 > No. 1


Students Attitudes and Perceptions towards using m-learning for French Language Learning: A case study on Princess Nora University

PP: 33-44
Riham M. Jaradat,
This research aims at understanding studentsí attitudes and perceptions towards using mobile phones as a learning tool for additional reading practices within a course. The study is conducted to address how mobile phones are used in grammar and vocabulary learning, inside/outside French language classrooms, for undergraduate students at Princess Nora University. This can be achieved by answering the questions: what is the appropriate method that achieves best students interaction and understanding; and is there a difference between students performance before and after using mobile phones. Hence, a mixed methodology (quantitative-qualitative) was used. The data was collected via a questionnaire for students attitudes to use m-learning and their perceptions about it. The study examined the use of mobile phones as a(n): repository of assignments/exercises; tool for reading via multimedia features; and email-based learning/instant messaging voice-over-Internet protocol applications. The analysis focused on examining the attitudes and perceptions of students towards m-learning by conducting pre-test and post-test experiment. The quantitative data analysis showed that students attitudes are high, while students perceptions are moderate. Results indicated that the utilization of m-learning improves students learning performance inside and outside the classroom. The main advantage of m-learning is it can be used anywhere-anytime; and it can be adopted to enhance students interaction and learning experiences.

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