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Quantum Physics Letters
An International Journal


Volumes > Vol. 2 > No. 1


Entropy Growth and Formation of Stationary Entanglement due to Intrinsic Noise in the Two-Mode JC Model

PP: 1-9
H. A. Hessian,
We investigate the dynamics of the two-mode Jaynes–Cummings model with generalized nonlinear coupling including intrinsic noise as described by the Milburn equation. Based on a general analytic solution of the corresponding master equation, we calculate the growth of entropy in the system at the special case of two Raman–coupled long lived atomic states as well as the partial entropies of the atom and field subsystem.We see that the system is very sensitive to phase noise, if both fields are initially in a coherent state. The dynamics then rapidly leads to suppression of quantum revivals and a steady entanglement between the fields and the atom. This hints for serious limitations for the use of Raman induced transitions in quantum information processing setups. For an alternative entanglement measure we calculate the negativity of the eigenvalues of the partially transposed density matrix and compare it to the difference of the total entropy to the sum of field and atom partial entropies.

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