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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 7 > No. 2L


Perceptually Driven 3D Progressive Model Selective Transmission over Wireless Network

PP: 647-653
Bailin Yang, Xun Wang, Zhaoyi Jiang,
Realtime streaming 3D model over wireless network is a challenging proposition due to the characteristic of 3D progressive geometry data and wireless network. In this paper, we propose a perceptual-driven 3D progressive model selective transmission method. For the progressive model, the data including the base mesh and a series of vertex splits will be packed into several packets. A novel perceptual quality measure for each packet is presented that takes both the saliency information of the 3D model and the rendering dependency among the packets into accounts. For the dropped packets, a selective transmission method is designed in this paper that will resend or ignore these packets according to their perceptual quality. For retransmitting the dropped packets with higher perceptual quality, a priority-based ARQ, together with a scheduling algorithm which considers not only the perceptual importance of the packets but also their enduring time in the retransmitted buffer is applied at the application layer. Simulation result shows that the 3D model received at the client can achieve better rendering effects with lower transmission delay by our transmission method.

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