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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 7 > No. 2L


Urban Expressway Travel Time Prediction Method Based on Fuzzy Adaptive Kalman Filter

PP: 625-630
Yanguo Huang, Lunhui Xu, Qiang Luo, Xianyan Kuang,
According to the poor adaptive ability of traditional filter algorithm in the estimation for traffic state and travel time with Kalman filter, an improved fuzzy adaptive Kalman filtering method was proposed. The new interest of observation noise was defined, and the fuzzy logic was used to adjust the importance weights of system noise and observation noise through on-line monitoring the interest changes, which changed the trust and utilization degree of the model for the observation information, and this made the filter eventually tend to be stable. To guarantee the real-time performance of system, a direct input - output fuzzy membership function matching method was put forward to take the place of fuzzy reasoning. The method was tested on the urban expressway in Guangzhou by using real-time detection data, and the result show that the traffic state estimation model had better tracking ability than conventional Kalman filter, and results of travel time prediction show that there was a slight difference between the prediction value and that of actual observation in free traffic flow state, and the relative error was under 15% in traffic congested state. The precision and applicability of this method were acceptable, and it can be used to provide a basis for travel time of urban expressway in traffic control and guidance system.

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