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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 7 > No. 2L


Multiphysic Simulations Approach toward Better Functional Modeling of An EM Transduction Pressure Sensor

PP: 619-624
Mingli Ding, Xiaobing Li,
Based on the electromagnetic transduction principle, a passive and wireless pressure sensor with a high sensitivity is designed. In the passive and wireless pressure sensor, the applied pressure generates a displacement of a thin membrane located above a planar millimeter-wave resonator. However, in previous works, the real membrane deflection has not been incorporated in the electromagnetic simulations and a uniform membrane deflection was assumed instead. In order to have a functional estimation of the real measurement unit, multiphysic simulations have to be performed with consideration of the electromagnetic and mechanical properties of the sensor. Therefore, this paper presents a progressive approach to derive an accurate functional approximation of the sensor under the real working condition and to take into account the real deflection of the membrane when applying a pressure.

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