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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 7 > No. 2L


A Run-time Infrastructure based on Service-Distributed Architecture

PP: 595-604
Zhiteng Wang, Hongjun Zhang, Rui Zhang, Yong Li, Baoyu Xu,
This paper points out the deficiencies of traditional run-time infrastructure (RTI) and Service-oriented High Level Architecture/Run Time Infrastructure (HLA/RTI) based on Web Services developed by researchers. The deficiencies of RTI involve load balancing, real-time interaction, safety and stability, and so on. This paper proposes Service-Distributed Run-time Infrastructure (SDRTI), which deploys RTI simulation services on the Internet, as a means of solving these problems. SDRTI has six key technologies: model mapping mechanisms, Simulation Service Management Bus (SSMB), traverse Network Address Translators (NATs) and Firewall’s Firewall (FW) in public networks, encrypted communications, decoupled simulation service, and optimized network traffic measures. The response speed and loading ability of SDRTI was evaluated using the program Simple Collision in the enclosure space. The simulation results indicate that SDRTI is effective and feasible.

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