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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 7 > No. 2L


A Method of Multi-Dimensional Information Spatial Partitioning and Intelligent Communication Path Planning of Metallurgical Equipment

PP: 583-593
Jianyi Kong, Junwei Liu, Yongbing Li, Xingdong Wang, Min Zhou,
The process of metallurgical equipment information space is complex and diverse, including multi-level spatial information or spatial process factor. How to divide the metallurgical equipment information space, to plan its communication path intelligently and to enhance the level of intelligent equipment has become one of the metallurgical equipment systemsí problems needing to be resolved. Aiming at enhancing the intelligence of iron and steel metallurgy equipment systems, the problems of the metallurgical equipment information space dividing and information communication path intelligent planning are taken as the research object. The metallurgical equipment information spatial characteristics (such as the space distribution, spatial morphology, spatial behavior, spatial scale effects and space dependence, etc) are compositely analyzed. Based on the cellular automata theory, ubiquitous information spaces of metallurgical equipment business process control and intelligent control are divided. Information communication path intelligent planning method of metallurgical equipment based on ant colony algorithm is explored. The practicality and effectiveness of the divided information spaces and designed algorithms are verified by simulation, which provides theoretical support to enhance the level of metallurgical equipment.

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