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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 7 > No. 2L


The effect of roadway capacity expansion on facility sitting

PP: 575-581
Mi Gan, Si Chen, Ying Yan,
Generally, the transportation planning problem involves with facility sitting, roadway selection, distribution route planning and some related problems, which are optimized based on given network topology. Recently, some of researches noticed that by changing the network topology, which corresponding to adding a decision whether new roadway construction between nodepairs in the given transportation network, is often more cost-effective than only sitting new facilities in given networks. Motivated by aforementioned topology changing result, this paper not only consider about new roadway construction, but also merge the roadway capacity expansion decision into transportation network design problem. The models generated from an integrated model for transportation network design and uncapacitated facility location problem. Then we merge the roadway capacity expansion part and facility capacity decision part into the original model. Mixed integrated programming and network transform mechanism for such models are proposed. Lastly, we measure the effect of roadway capacity expansion on facility sitting. The numerical testing with random generated data shows the feasible and effective of models. In conclusion part, the application in real case of proposed models and algorithms are identified.

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