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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 7 > No. 2L


A Seamless Approach to Stitching Lunar DOMs with TPS

PP: 555-562
Hao Sheng, Chen Lou, Wujian Xu, Chao Li, Lingli Mou,
Aiming at the mosaic technology of the orthophoto acquired by Chinese remote sensing satellite CE-1, a thin-plate spline (TPS) function based method of image mosaic is proposed while the traditional mosaic method seems impossible. With the advantages of TPS (Thin-plate Spline) function in image transformer, the image fusion technology is introduced to get the seamless image mosaic result. Considering the mosaic result of lunar DOMs (Digital Orthophoto Map) by CE-1, a sharp gray jump usually exists beside the stitching line. To solve the uneven gray distribution caused by light changing or position difference during photographing, a method is described which is based on dynamic rules to stretch image according to the gray histogram. Using CE-1ís 2C data, the experimental result states that our approach can guarantee the accuracy of the geographical precision and can greatly meet the needs of seamless mosaic with good visual effect.

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