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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 7 > No. 2L


Team Mobile Robots Based Intelligent Security System

PP: 435-440
Song Hiang Chia, Jr Hung Guo, Bo Yi Li, Kuo Lan Su,
The article develops a team mobile robots based intelligent security system being applied in home automation. The detection modules of the system include active security modules and passive security modules. The control unit of all security modules (active security modules and passive security modules) is HOLTEK microchip. The paper focuses on the active security modules (mobile robots). Mobile robots are classified more and more teams according to the detection functions. Each team robot system includes many mobile robots to execute the same event detection. Each mobile robot has two variety interfaces, uses voice module to alarm users for event condition, and transmits the real-time event signals to the supervised computer and the other mobile robots via wireless RF interface. If the event occurs, the mobile robot can transmit the relation location (floor number) of the event to the supervised computer. The supervised computer decides the location of the event according the feedback signals from mobile robots, controls the other mobile robots moving to the event location, and recognizes the final decision output using Dempster-Shafter Evidence Theory. The belief value is over the threshold value and displays detection and decision output values on the monitor of the user interface. Finally, we present some experimental results using the team mobile robots for the fire detection and gas leakage detection on the experimental platform of the intelligent security system.

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