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International Journal of Media and Mass Communication
An International Journal


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Coverage of the UAE Press on Sustainable Development Issues (A study of the Economic Supplements in the Newspapers of the Union and the Gulf)

PP: 49-65
AbdulMalek Radman Al-Danani, Khalid Abdullah Ahmed Darar,
The media plays an important role in the economic field in order to contribute to the process of comprehensive development of life and the establishment of modern values in economic activity, by highlighting them and conducting dialogues and criticism of development plans drawn up and disclosure of the challenges and obstacles to their implementation, as well as the definition of members of society to the goals of sustainable development, The level of performance and the results of immediate and future development plans The economic press contributes to the achievement of the media objective by increasing the knowledge of development issues to the reader, uncovering mistakes that can be made and pointing to shortcomings, criticizing the negatives, violations and abuses that may be committed by some here or there, but also to participate in the development of appropriate proposals and solutions And the right treatments, which can contribute effectively to the process of sustainable development, since the role of the media is no longer limited to the transfer of the event as it is, but reshape it, as they see it. The importance of the study is to identify and clarify the role played by the specialized economic press in following up and covering the activities and events and details of the developments related to the sustainable development taking place in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the interest in spreading awareness of developmental issues among the citizens through an analytical scientific study of a sample of the Economist Annex in the UAE and Gulf newspapers. The study aims at identifying the methods of covering the UAE specialized press for economic issues related to sustainable development issues. And to identify the most important issues addressed by the economic attachés in the newspapers and the Gulf in their coverage of the issues of sustainable development, during 2017, And also to identify the strengths and weaknesses, agreement and differences between the two annexes the subject of the study in addressing the issues of sustainable development. As well as diagnostic formats and the most frequently used journalistic arts in addressing the issues of sustainable development.

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