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International Journal of Media and Mass Communication
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 1 > No 1


Electronic Mind Washing in Conjunction with the Emersion of Terrorist Organizations A study of the Islamic State Organization (ISIL) Usage of Digital Techniques in Recruiting Youths and Teenagers

PP: 1-19
Akram Faraj Al-Rubaiye, Saad Maan Abrahim,
the studys origin lies in two main axes, the first is the origin of the term “electronic mind washing “to differentiate it from the psychological communication term “classical mind washing ", the second is to research in the methods of this electronic mind wash that are used by terrorist organizations and particularly the Islamic state also known as ( Daesh / ISIL ) to recruit the youth and the teenagers , and to compare those techniques with the classical mind wash techniques, as well as trying to know how these digital techniques are used to in the process of mind wash, and how much the youth is exposed it through social media or other sites on the web( the internet ), this study reveals five signs that if one or more of those signs appeared on any Youngman using certain digital techniques then it will indicate that he is being mind washed and recruited digitally, those signs are as follows : ( isolation, absent-mindedness, short tempered in arguments, sudden change of behavior, intransigence ) , a positive relation was proven statistically between being exposed to media website belonging to those terrorist organizations and the appearance of these signs on young men.

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