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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 7 > No. 1


Nested Inequalities Among Divergence Measures

PP: 49-72
Inder J. Taneja,
In this paper we have considered an inequality having 11 divergence measures. Out of them three are logarithmic such as Jeffryes-Kullback-Leiber [4] [5] J-divergence. Burbea-Rao [1] Jensen-Shannon divergence and Taneja [7] arithmetic-geometric mean divergence. The other three are non-logarithmic such as Hellinger discrimination, symmetric A2?divergence, and triangular discrimination. Three more are considered are due to mean divergences. Pranesh and Johnson [6] and Jain and Srivastava [3] studied different kind of divergence measures.We have considered measures arising due to differences of single inequality having 11 divergence measures in terms of a sequence. Based on these differences we have obtained many inequalities. These inequalities are kept as nested or sequential forms. Some reverse inequalities and equivalent versions are also studied.

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