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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 13 > No. 1


Alpha Power Transformed Frechet Distribution

PP: 129-141
Suleman Nasiru, Peter N. Mwita, Oscar Ngesa,
The FrŽechet distribution has several applications in different fields of study and is most commonly used for modeling extreme events. In recent time, modifications of the FrŽechet distribution have been proposed to improve its fit when used for modeling lifetime data. In this paper, a new modification called the alpha power transformed FrŽechet distribution is proposed and studied. The parameters of the model are estimated using maximum-likelihood estimation and simulation studies are performed to investigate the properties of the estimators for the parameters. Applications of the model are demonstrated using two-real data sets. Finally, bivariate and multivariate extensions of the model are proposed using copulas.

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