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Empowerment in a Developing Economy: A Case Study of Jordan

PP: 077001
Talal Nuseir, Majda Ayoub Al-Salim,
This study was conducted to explore the extent of Jordan Business Organizations (JBOs) use of empowerment at different managerial levels and to explore the attitudes and familiarity of employees towards empowerment. 100 Jordanian enterprises were contacted to participate, received responses from 70 enterprises; a total of 140 respondents. The results showed empowerment concept was very clear to the majority of respondents. Results show that (50%) of responses were clear and very clear regarding delegation of authority, delegation of skills and team control. About 79% are clear/very clear in achieving employees’ objectives. 56% clear/ very clear on the optimal use of HRM. About 72% see clear/very clear connection of the empowerment concept via democracy level in the organization. About 50% believe that always the improvement of the organization depend on employee empowerment. Roughly 36 % believe it always increases production. 50% believe that always glorifying achievement of employees shows extent of empowerment. Around 57% are always satisfied with work. Around 71% believe empowerment improves work atmosphere and 50 believe opportunities are always utilized when empowering employees. Around 64% believe it always boosts confidence levels when empowering employees.

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