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International Journal of Nanomaterials and Chemistry
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 4 > No. 1


Sonochemical Synthesis, Spectroscopic Characterization, 3D Molecular Modeling, DNA Binding and Antimicrobial Evaluation of some Transition Metal Complexes Based on Bi-dentate NO Donor Imine Ligand

PP: 1-17
Laila H. Abdel Rahman, Ahmed M. Abu-Dief, Rafat M. El-Khatib, Shimaa Mahdy Abdel-Fatah,
Some novel Schiff base metal complexes of Cu(II), Co(II), Ni(II) and Fe(II) derived from 2-amino-3-hydroxypyridine and 4-nitrobenzaldehyde were synthesized sonochemically. These complexes were identified by elemental analysis, molar conductance, magnetic Characteristics, thermal analysis, IR, computationally by Molecular 3D modeling and UV-Vis spectra. The stoichiometry and stability constants of the prepared complexes have been evaluated spectrophotometrically. Collected data revealed that all the complexes offered 1:2 (metal: ligand) ratio and the ligand coordinates with the metal ions in a bi-dentate manner in octahedral geometry according to the general formula [M (ahpnb)2.2H2O].nH2O. Thermal data showed the degradation pattern of the complexes. The thermal manner of the metal complexes showed that the hydrated complexes lose water molecules of crystallization in the first step then water molecules of coordination; with decomposition of the ligand molecules in the subsequent stages. Moreover, the investigated compounds were tested against different types of bacteria and fungi. Furthermore, DNA binding of these complexes was tested by using electronic spectra, hydrodynamic measurements and gel electrophoresis. The experimental results explained that the tested complexes could attach to DNA via intercalative mode and showed a various DNA binding potency according to the sequence: ahpnbFe> ahpnbCu> ahpnbNi> ahpnbCo.

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