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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 12 > No. 3


Transient Analysis of a Non-Preemptive Priority Queueing System

PP: 645-654
V. S. S. Yadavalli, Diatha Krishna Sundar, Swaminathan Udayabaskaran, C. T. Dora Pravina,
A single server queueing system is considered in which two types of customers arrive according to independent Poisson processes. Customers of type 1 are of priority nature and the other customers of type 2 are of non-priority. Type 1 customers have nonpreemptive priority over type 2 customers. Assuming that service times for both types of customers have exponential distribution with mean 1/m, we obtain explicit expressions for the transient solution for the state probability distribution. We deduce the steady-state joint distribution of the number of customers of type 1 and customers of type 2 and also obtain performance measures of the system.

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