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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 11 > No. 2


Simulation Analysis of Stress Distribution and Its Influence Factors of the New Structure Ladle

PP: 611-619
Wentao Cheng, Ying Sun, Gongfa Li, Jianyi Kong, Guozhang Jiang, Zhe Li, Wenjun Chang, Honghai Liu,
With the increasing use of iron and steel enterprises, the demand for steel ladle is higher and higher. In this paper, a new type of ladle with heat insulation nano-material lining is put forward. Finite element method is used to analyze the stress distribution of the steel ladle with the new structure. And the stress distribution of the new structure ladle is compared with that of the traditional ladle under the steel holding condition. The results show that the stress distribution of the new structural ladle is better than that of the traditional ladle under the steel holding condition, and the maximum stress can be reduced by 22Mpa. The thermal conductivity, thermal expansion coefficient and elastic modulus of the thermal insulation material of the new structure are determined by the analysis. Stress simulation analysis of then. In a certain range, with the thermal conductivity of nano thermal insulation material is reduced, the stress of the new structure steel shell is reduced. The thermal expansion coefficient is reduced that the shell stress is reduced. However, the decrease of elastic modulus will increase the stress of cladding.

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