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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 6 > No. 6-3S


A Bi-Directional Security Authentication Architecture for the Internet of Vehicles

PP: 821-827
Bo Li, Yuhong Li,
The Internet of Vehicles (IoV), which is seemed as an important application of the Internet of Things (IoT) presented widely as the next revolution toward massively distributed information in practice, where any real-world vehicles can automatically participate in the internet and thus be globally queried, is still a new field. Despite the consensus on the great potential of the concept and the significant progress in a number of enabling technologies, there is short of an integrated vision on how to realize it. This paper examines the technologies that will be fundamental for realizing the IoV and proposes a functional architecture that integrates them into a single platform. The functional architecture introduces the use of Bidirectional security authentication framework to encapsulate dedicated short range communication (DSRC) protocol, sensor technologies (On-Board Unit and Road-Side Unit), embedded object logic, and Internet-based information infrastructure. It was applied to evaluate urban transportation dimension and, indirectly, road upkeep, as well as sharing urban population information, in real time, in any place through Intranet and/or Internet, aiding the whole integration of the municipal affairs system. Apart from accessibility advantages for drivers, there are important benefits for municipal administration. Our system outperforms existing industry standards in metrics such as network throughput, delivery ratio and allows different configurations that provide different levels of equipment availability, using fewer resources than a conventional transportation management system, and reducing time and costs. Finally, we demonstrate the feasibility, flexibility, security, and concurrency of the architecture by detailing an implementation, and describe a prototype for the real-time monitoring of traffic flow through an intelligent transportation management system, which can lay a good foundation for the application of IoV in the future.

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