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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 10 > No. 2


New Perspectives on Nonlinear Multi-Atoms Interacting with a Cavity Field

PP: 421-429
Y. S. El-Saman, S. Abdel-Khalek, A. Badawi, M. Abdel-Aty,
We investigate the entanglement dynamics of two two-level atoms interacting with a quantized cavity field, considering the level shifts produced by the Stark effect.We perform comparisons of the entanglement evolution of this system when the cavity is filled with a Kerr-like medium. The presence of entanglement sudden death and sudden birth using extended Werner-like states is observed. Entanglement is guaranteed to survive and can be easily adapted to allow for periodic behavior. The similar dynamic relations between both the Kerr-like medium and the Stark-shift models are shown.

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