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International Journal of Nanomaterials and Chemistry
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 2 > No. 1


Zinc-Doped Cadmium Sulfide Thin Films Grown By the SILAR Technique: Post-Deposition Heat Treatments and Characterization

PP: 1-4
P. E. Agbo, P. A. Nwofe, C. N. Ukwu, F. U. Nweke,
In the present investigation, thin films of cadmium sulphide were grown at a substrate temperature of 303 K using the SILAR (successive ionic layer and reaction) technique. The films were then doped with zinc impurities of same concentration and then annealed at annealing temperatures ≤ 363 K. The effects of the annealing temperatures on the structural, optical and electrical properties of the layers were investigated. The structural and optical properties of the annealed layers exhibited a temperature dependent behavior. From XRD analysis, the layers were found to be polycrystalline, crystallizing in the cubic structure. The crystallite size increased with an increase in the annealing temperatures while the strain, angular broadening and dislocation density decreased otherwise. The energy bandgap was found to be in the range 2.2 eV to 3.6 eV while the refractive index was between 1.0 to 1.6.

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