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International Journal of Nanomaterials and Chemistry
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 1 > No. 3


pH Dependent Optical Properties of Chemically Deposited Sb2S3 Thin Films

PP: 111-116
P. A. Nwofe,
In this study, thin films of antimony trisulphide (Sb2S3) were successfully grown on soda-lime glass substrates using the chemical bath deposition method. The pH of the bath was varied between 1.59 and 2.24 and the other deposition variables were kept constant. The change in the pH was made possible by varying the Sb: S (antimony: tin) ratios in the solution bath. The as-deposited layers were then subjected to post deposition heat treatments, with annealing temperatures kept at 200 oC. The influence of the variation in pH and that effect of the post deposition annealing on the optical properties of the films were investigated. The optical characterisation was done using a UV spectrophotometer to study the absorbance, and transmittance versus wavelength measurements, to enable the determination of some important optical constants such as the optical absorption coefficient (α), energy bandgap (Eg), extinction coefficient (k), optical density (ρd) and the dielectric constants. The energy band gap was obtained to be direct, with values in the range suitable for use in optoelectronic and photonic devices.

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