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01-Applied Mathematics & Information Sciences
An International Journal


Volumes > Volume 9 > No. 6


Intuitionistic Fuzzy Einstein Prioritized Weighted Average Operators and their Application to Multiple Attribute Group Decision Making

PP: 3095-3107
Rajkumar Verma, BhuDev Sharma,
This study investigates the multiple attribute decision making under intuitionistic fuzzy environment in which the attributes and the decision makers are in different priority levels. In this paper, we first propose two new intuitionistic fuzzy aggregation operators such as the intuitionistic fuzzy Einstein prioritized weighted average (IFEPWA) operator and the intuitionistic fuzzy Einstein prioritized weighted geometric (IFEPWG) operator for aggregating intuitionistic fuzzy information. These proposed operators can capture the prioritization phenomenon among the aggregated arguments. The properties of the new aggregation operators are studied in details and their special cases are examined. Furthermore, based on the proposed operators, an approach to deal with multiple attribute group decision making problems under intuitionistic fuzzy environment is developed. Finally, a practical example is provided to illustrate the multiple attribute group decision making process with intuitionistic fuzzy information.

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